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The Essential Event for Entrepreneurs

September 28-30 | Marriott Dallas | #BusinessGrowthSummit

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With over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, and educating and empowering entrepreneurs, BFS understands what you as a business owner need and what will lead you to immediate(bold) growth. That’s why we host the Business Growth Summit not once, but TWICE annually. The Business Growth Summit is a three-day event that brings together others like you- hungry for advice, proven strategies, and necessary connections to grow their companies. Motivating presenters and instructive breakout exercises will leave you inspired in many ways —and with shortcuts and insights to take your business further than you ever imagined. Our Summit is no ordinary business event. Featuring seasoned entrepreneurs and the best and brightest business talent, you will walk away with a newfound energy to lead and run your company better!


Meet us at the Summit, from September 28-30, 2018 at the Marriott Quorum in Dallas, Texas!


What’s happening at September’s Summit

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No one, no matter how talented, can know everything. People must make mistakes before they can advance forward. Our Business Growth Summit allows you to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who can teach you how to avoid making those same mistakes, so you don’t repeat the ones that can destroy your business down the road. They’ll also teach how you can escape some serious consequences if you’ve already made mistakes. Topics from our presenters will include tactical business advice and focusing on what it takes to boost your business growth for years to come. Check out our presenters below!

Rick Sapio

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Sandra Joseph

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Rand Stagen

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Dr. Jay Shetlin

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Kathy Mandel

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Dr. Dustin Barton

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What Else to Expect at the 14th Summit

New Content

With numerous informative and interactive session focused on the imperative theme of Leadership Leverage: Growing Business through People, Process & Performance, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to achieve exponential business growth through simplicity, probability & leverage!

Power Networking

Enjoy daily coffee hours, lunch breaks and happy hours, where you will have the opportunity to connect and mingle with hundreds of other business leaders and employees who, like you, are focused on taking their companies to the next level.

What Attendees Are Saying

“This program is a must for anyone looking to run their business or their family with greater certainty, simplicity, leverage and probability of greater outcomes. Through this program, we have witnessed greater growth and long-term direction, while at the same time, reduced our stress levels and those of our employees. After 19-years in business, I can honestly say that this is the most solid program, based on sound principles, that will take you to where you can envision and do so with absolute integrity.”


President of Atlas Family Chiropractic

“A lot of the events that I’ve gone to are not building the foundation, then the walls, and then the roof of your business. This event was a relief, where we went right back to concreting the foundation. This is a foundation shift in how you handle your business, and I needed that. This gave me some real clarity and took a couple things off my shoulder that I’ve been carrying. This event refocused me to where we want to take our overall business and its legacy.”

Founder of Family Board Meetings

“We have transformed our business and it has grown exponentially. Everything you learn here will help you grow reach your goals and get to those breakthroughs. No one else out there is teaching this stuff. If you’re ready to change and really ready to dive deep and learn and grow, this is where you need to be.”

Co-founder of O’Brien Family Wellness Center

“It’s a place where you can surround yourself with amazing like-minded people- whether they’re entrepreneurs, business owners or families they’re all looking to get a really incredible experience and to grow their lives”


Founder of the Family Room Wellness Associates


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